Bathtub Refinishing

bathtub refurfacing

Fiberglass, cast iron, steel, acrylic and porcelain bathtubs as well as tiled bases can be beautifully improved with our Ekopel 2k pour-over tub coating process.  We leave your tub with a durable and resilient finish.

Unlike dangerously toxic spray refinishers, we use an exclusive pour-over tub coating that has virtually NO SMELL! There is no danger of overspray getting elsewhere in the room and in the home.  It is 20X thicker than the conventional spray refinishing as well!

Our Ekopel 2k pour-over tub coating process allows the above mentioned types of surfaces to be repaired and color changed directly in your home, without being removed.  This solution is done the same day, ready to use in only 48 hours, and is less costly than replacement.  It is an excellent alternative for the homeowner that is looking to have a quick and easy bathtub facelift, and ideal for those putting their home on the market.


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I will highly recommend Milestone Bath Experts to all my friends.Ravin
I am very pleased with the results, quality, professionalism and service all around. A wonderful experience from start to finish.Janelle
Your installers were very professional, courteous and easy to work with. They did an excellent job. Thanks so much.Brian. N Harrowsmith, ON
Very pleased with the results-quality, professionalism and great service all around. A wonderful experience from start to finish.Janelle. F Kingston, ON
Excellent work and very good service. I will highly recommend to my friends.Ravin. O Kingston, ON
Friendly, personable service on the phone, during home visit and by the installer. Many thanks! Sandra
Installer has excellent people skills, and good work habits.Bob. G Napanee ON
Thank you so much, it is absolutely wonderful!Phyllis. H Verona ON